Why you need to be using OrangeForce
for your Carpet Cleaning

  • Cost: Lower your costs by 30 to 50 percent.  Thousands of dollars a year.
  • Confidence: The OrangeForce 123    method simplifies mixing and eliminates miscues.
  • Quality: No products do it better.  Money back guarantee.
  • Customer Satisfaction: OrangeForce    meets or exceeds
    your customer's needs.
    OrangeForce   means repeat business.

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OrangeForce123 Sample Pack $13.95 plus S&H
Includes sufficient chemicals for several jobs:

OrangeForce1 primary prespray, use on all carpets and                 upholstry but wool or silk.

OrangeForce2 Very strong powdered  Hydrogen Peroxide              booster, kills odor causing germs, attacks urine stains.

OrangeForce3 Highly concentrated Orange Peel extract            booster, attacks grease provides a great citris smell.

OrangeForce10 all fiber citrus rinse. Leaves neutral ph.

For most jobs, mix 1-1-1 per gallon.  Less than a $ per sprayable gallon.  (For Inline Sprayers, use 8-3-8.)
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Sample Pack
Starter Kit
OrangeForce123 Starter Kit $144.50 plus S&H
Includes the following:
8 lbs OrangeForce1 primary prespray
8 lbs OrangeForce2 Peroxide booster
1 gal OrangeForce3 Pure orange peel booster
1 gal OrangeForce10 All fiber citrus rinse

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